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See what Randy Robichaux from Denbury Resources, Inc. has to say about his experience with Perillon Software


Customer Profile

Denbury Resources Inc. (NYSE: DNR) is a growing, dividend-paying, domestic oil and natural gas company headquartered in Piano, Texas. The company has 468.3 MMBOE of estimated proved oil and natural gas reserves as of December 31, 2013, of which 83% is oil. Denbury’s primary focus is on enhanced oil recovery utilizing CO2, with operations focused in the Gulf Coast and Rocky Mountain regions.

 Before implementing the Perillon solution, Denbury managed its EHS program with multiple “homegrown” Access databases and Excel spreadsheets. Data collection was inefficient, compliance task-tracking was limited with no email alerting, and reporting on historical data and trends was a very manual, ad hoc process. Information, such as audit & inspection data, was gathered in spreadsheets and re-entered into databases, creating a duplication of effort and an increased exposure to data entry error. There was no capability to collect data on mobile devices. Information was stale and management decision-making was reactive, relying on one highly knowledgeable administrator to provide business continuity. The risks were building: data QA/QC issues, time-consuming processes reducing available time to focus on strategic initiatives, and potential loss of institutional knowledge with employee turnover.  


Business Objectives

Denbury was in search of a more flexible EHS management system that would align with their workflow processes and fit their data structure to smooth legacy data migration. The company needed a system that was capable of serving a diverse user community of varied skill level, geography and job function.  The new solution needed to be simplistic in design, intuitive to use, and vendor-hosted to minimize the burden on Denbury’s IT organization.  Specific requirements included robust dashboard reporting, offline data capture with mobile devices and email alerting.  The new system had to be affordable with a quick implementation cycle and be “shovel ready,” as Denbury did not have the time or budget to customize a system from scratch. 


To learn about Denbury's Success with this solution please view the full story here: Denbury Success Story



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