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The Top EHS Stories From September 2020

Did you miss September's top EHS stories?

We've assembled a list of 10 articles for you from EHS and global news outlets, industry leaders, and technology experts.

The 10 stories that made our list include navigating the world of sustainability disclosure, chemical safety lessons from the Beirut blast, and more.

How to Make Sure Compliance Tasks Don't Get Overlooked [Perillon]

During the coronavirus pandemic, health and safety professionals have more on their plate than ever before. These tips will help ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Navigating the World of Sustainability Disclosure [Trinity Consultants]

Sustainability disclosure can look very different from one organization to the next. Here’s what you need to know about preparing your next sustainability report.

Corporate Sustainability and COVID-19: Trying to Stay On Track [NAEM]

The coronavirus pandemic has derailed companies’ efforts to achieve sustainability initiatives, but more than three-quarters of companies are still on track with their greenhouse gas reduction goals.

Safety Lessons from the Beirut Blast [EHS Today]

Industrial facilities around the world are storing dangerous chemicals in risky ways.

The Open Source Movement Takes on Climate Data [Greenbiz]

Gathering data for climate risk disclosure is difficult and time-consuming. Can open source software and data initiatives help?

China Sets Sights on Carbon Neutrality by 2060 [BusinessGreen]

The world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases announces it will aim to become carbon neutral by 2060.

Injury and Illness Recordkeeping: A Look at the Basics — and Common Sources of Confusion [Safety+Health]

In general, organizations with more than 10 employees are required to maintain annual OSHA injury and illness logs. This article offers a helpful primer for employers unfamiliar with injury and illness recordkeeping.

8 Important COVID-19 Trends Impacting the Employer Health Industry [OHS Online]

Check out the top trends in the employer health industry — and what they mean for employers and workers alike.

Leading and Lagging Indicators: Complementary Parts of EHS Metrics Success [EHS Daily Advisor]

It’s not an either/or proposition—leading and lagging indicators should work together to help EHS leaders make more informed, data-driven decisions.

OSHA Whistleblower Complaints Increasing [National Law Review]

A total of 4,101 whistleblower complaints were filed between February 18 and May 31, 2020—a 30% increase in complaints over the same period last year.

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