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The Top EHS Stories From August 2020

Did you miss August's top EHS stories?

We've assembled a list of 10 articles for you from EHS and global news outlets, industry leaders, and technology experts.

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The 10 stories that made our list include flammable chemical storage mistakes to avoid, a worker lawsuit against OSHA, a simple way to strengthen your risk assessment process, and more.

How EHS Software Can Help Reduce Costs [Perillon]

EHS software can pay for itself in under a year, and keep saving you money long after that.

Three Mistakes to Avoid When Storing Flammable Chemicals [OH&S]

The devastating explosion in Beirut earlier this month underscores the importance of proper flammable chemical storage.

Faces of EHS: Martin Anderson on Keeping EHS Lean and Enjoying the Challenges [EHS Daily Advisor]

How one EHS manager uses lean manufacturing techniques to solve his organization’s challenges.

Need to Train Quickly? Try AR/VR [EHS Today]

With limited opportunities for in-person training due to the pandemic, virtual reality offers a way for employees to practice their skills.

Common Findings in Health and Safety Compliance Audits [Trinity Consultants]

A look at some of the most frequent non-compliance issues identified during OSHA audits.

Stakeholder Capitalism: Not If But When [GreenBiz]

New research suggests that decision makers should be focused on how to accelerate the shift.

Thousands Allowed to Bypass Environmental Rules in Pandemic [Associated Press]

A two-month review by the Associated Press found that over 3,000 waivers were granted for less environmental monitoring.

Report: $3.4 Trillion to be Invested Globally in Renewable Energy by 2030 [Environment + Energy Leader]

The report, released by market research firm Frost & Sullivan, projects that 54.1% of installed capacity will be renewable and 39.7% will be a combination of solar and wind by 2030.

Worker Lawsuit Against OSHA Puts Added Focus on Workplace Safety Amid Pandemic [Risk & Insurance]

The lawsuit alleges that the agency fell short in its response to worker complaints related to COVID-19.

What If: Small Words That Have Big Potential [ASSP]

Applying ‘what-if’ analysis to your risk assessment process can help uncover hazards that lead to injuries and illnesses.

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