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The Top EHS Stories From May 2020

Did you miss May’s top EHS stories?

We've assembled a list of 10 articles for you from EHS and global news outlets, industry leaders, and technology experts.

The 10 stories that made our list include tips for pivoting during the pandemic, new OSHA recording guidelines for COVID-19, and more.

Adapting to a New Normal: Remote Work & EHS [Perillon]

For many EHS teams, working remotely is likely to become the new normal beyond the current COVID-19 crisis.

How Worker Safety Has Become Mission Critical for Businesses [U.S. Chamber of Commerce]

Protecting workers from the virus has become the top priority for businesses in every industry.

Despite Challenging Conditions, Most Manufacturers Keeping Doors Open [EHS Today]

New research shows that manufacturers are finding innovative solutions to continue production while keeping workers safe.

Advice for Thriving Amid Crisis, from 14 Sustainability Vets [GreenBiz]

Industry veterans share the lessons they’ve learned that can help the next generation of sustainability leaders navigate the coronavirus pandemic.

Gauging the Effectiveness of Safety Training: Research and Best Practices [EHS Daily Advisor]

Safety training can have a positive effect on worker behavior. But not all training is equally effective.

COVID-19’s Impact on Utilities: Industry Pros Sound Off [T&D World]

Utilities play a critical role in the nation’s recovery. As such, they must do everything in their power to keep workers healthy and ensure business continuity.

OSHA Updates Controversial COVID-19 Recordkeeping Guidance [Engineering News-Record]

OSHA has revised its guidance for determining whether COVID-19 cases qualify as recordable illnesses. The updated guidelines stress the importance for employers to make a “reasonable effort” to determine if a case is work-related.

5 Tips for Pivoting Your Manufacturing Process for COVID-19 [Food Manufacturing]

In order to continue production safely, manufacturing companies must pivot their strategies.

Chemical Reporting and Compliance Basics: Many Changes to Manage [Trinity Consultants]

A robust management of change program is essential to ensure compliance with evolving reporting obligations.

Water Protections and Other Regulations are Rolling Back. What Should Businesses Do? [Antea Group]

Strong internal standards serve the best interest of both companies and communities.

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