What we do 

Our company started as a subsidiary of an environmental consulting firm, where we built deep environmental domain expertise. In working with our clients, we noticed that companies had no efficient and easy way to manage the operational risks stemming from environmental and safety compliance. 

So in 2005, we founded Perillon and started building an EHS platform that centralizes vital information and processes to help industrial companies improve compliance performance and reduce risks. 

From day one, we've been focused on creating a scalable, cloud-based, and standardized system that can be configured to any organization's specific needs, without expensive and time-consuming custom services. 

As a result, Perillon can be implemented quickly for a fraction of the cost of older custom systems, enabling small to mid-sized companies to adopt this next generation of EHS solution.   

Some of our key metrics include:  

94% customer retention

Quick onboarding 15-90 days

An ROI of 3-5X the investment,

and a payback within 12 months



Our team

Our management and product teams come from manufacturing, telecomm, aerospace, health care, and enterprise software industries. Environmental risk and compliance is our expertise.

We're obsessed with creating an easy-to-implement and user-friendly experience, and our dedication is evident in our high adoption rates and customer success.



Our executive leadership

Perillon's management team has worked together for years. We draw on 130+ combined years of experience in EHS and enterprise cloud-computing to guide the company forward.


John Niemoller Headshot 1
John Niemoller

CEO Perillon – Lisam EHS Software

"When we established Perillon, our mission was clear: to provide the most intuitive and easiest-to-implement EHS cloud platform for global corporations. More than a decade later, our mission remains the same. 
Today we provide a full suite of software for environmental management, health and safety, and enterprise risk so our customers can create safer, more sustainable companies. We've worked hard to build a team of loyal, skilled employees who listen and collaborate with each other and with our customers. 
These strengths have enabled us to deliver outstanding results for our customers." 


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Our customers

Our customers include industrial and non-industrial corporations such as utilities, pipelines, automotive manufacturers, construction firms, food processing companies, cement companies, and more.  


In a third-party survey, customers ranked Perillon

above the industry average on ease of use,

customer service, flexibility of user configuration,

and likelihood to recommend. 


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