10 Ways EHS Software Will Make You More Productive

What could you do with an extra 20 hours a week?

That's the number of hours the majority of managers spend on administrative tasks, according to a recent survey by West Monroe.

And that's 20 hours that could be spent on implementing an ISO 14001 environmental management system, tackling climate risk, or making the work environment safer.

So how can EHS software help you be more productive and get those hours back? We'll show you:


  1.  Track tasks through to closure. With good software, you won't waste time micromanaging or wondering what to do next. You can track due dates in a centralized calendar, get notifications when action is required, and automatically assign and follow up on tasks, corrective actions, and audits. 
  2. Create reports in seconds. With spreadsheets, rounding up information and manually creating reports can take hours or even days. Software, on the other hand, can automatically generate fully formatted reports with just a click. 
  3. Be prepared for external audits and information requests. Stop scrambling for your next DEQ audit or OSHA e-reporting deadline. With software, you can easily locate the information you need and feel confident that everything is up-to-date. 

  4. Review and analyze data with dashboards. Whether you're tracking GHG emissions or analyzing incident costs, dashboards have the power to help you work faster, prevent unwanted events, and make actionable decisions. 
  5. Provide self-service options. Our software allows you to customize dashboards for specific groups or users. For example, you can create executive dashboards that allow your CEO to find information quickly and reduce the time you spend creating custom reports.
  6. Take advantage of templates. Software allows you to automate inspections with pre-set questions in order to capture information efficiently.
  7. Collect environmental data at the source. Air, water, waste, and GHG emissions data are some of the toughest metrics to track. Let automation do the heavy lifting and capture data at 5-minute intervals across hundreds of locations. 
  8. Manage formulas easily. With software, you can create a searchable library of formulas organized by media, data type, and location. Quickly make formula changes with time/date stamp and efficiently assign to any location.
  9. Eliminate data double-entry. Rather than collecting data with pencil and paper and entering it later, mobile apps allow you to collect data at the source and sync it directly to a central database. You'll also save time on the back end by reducing the time you spend finding and fixing data entry errors. 
  10. Assign audits and inspections at the facility level. Today's mobile EHS software enables you to reduce travel time since data can be captured remotely.  

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