10 Ways to Be More Productive with Perillon

Perillon is packed with features that can help your team save time. From mobile apps that enable you to work on the go to dashboards that provide instant visibility into your most important metrics, there are so many different ways you can use Perillon to maximize your productivity.

Whether you’re already using Perillon and want some ideas or you’re just considering EHS software, we’re sharing a few time-saving tricks and features you may not be aware of.

1. Get reminders for important tasks

Use Perillon’s automatic email notifications to remind you or your team to complete tasks. You can get reminders for regulatory deadlines, permit renewal dates, corrective actions, and any other tasks you need to complete. Reminders are a great way to keep track of everything that needs to get done and make sure you stay on schedule.

2. Conduct audits offline & attach photos

Data collected on paper forms eventually needs to be digitized — a huge time-waster for EHS teams. Instead of recording data with paper and pencil and manually entering it into a spreadsheet, you can use Perillon’s GoPak mobile app to conduct an audit in the field from any smartphone or tablet. You can also attach photos, video footage, and audio recordings. Once you’re back in WiFi coverage, your data will sync with the centralized system for analysis and reporting.

3. Assign tasks remotely

Another benefit of mobile apps: If your company has multiple geographical locations, you can assign tasks like audits and inspections to an employee on site. Using the GoPak mobile app, they can complete the inspection and sync data to your centralized database instantly, eliminating travel time and hassles. Says Kurt Anderson at Minnesota Power Allete, “We are reducing administrative and travel time significantly, because now data can be captured remotely, accurately, and analyzed efficiently.”

4. Build company-specific assessments

Perillon makes your life easier by allowing you to quickly build any type of assessment for EHS, risk, or operations management. These can be simple inspections or complex multi-section audits. Create environmental compliance audits, JHAs, risk assessments, stormwater inspections, quality checks, maintenance inspections — the list goes on and on.

5. Create executive dashboards

With their own dashboards, executives can have immediate updates without picking up the phone and requesting reports from supervisors. Plus, it saves you from spending precious hours creating custom reports for each executive. Once the dashboards are set up, executives can simply log in and see the metrics that matter to them.

6. Quickly locate documents

Customers use Perillon to store important documents like permits, contracts, operational agreements, JSAs, and more. Once your documents are in Perillon, you can easily search for what you need rather than digging through folders in a file cabinet or on your computer. Says Jessica Demar, Environmental and Regulatory Compliance Coordinator at CT Water, "Leadership will come and ask me, 'How many of a particular type of permit do we have?’ I can just search for the type of permit and they all come up. It's been a real timesaver to have this clearinghouse."

7. Capture employee observations & near misses

With Workspace XPress, any employee in your organization can submit their incident, near miss, or other observations from any phone or tablet in under 30 seconds. Employees don't need a username or password to access the system, so they can report observations anonymously. The observations are then synced to your central Perillon database.

8. Send incident notifications to specific users

Incidents can happen suddenly, and even minor incidents require a swift response. In addition to basic reminders, Perillon gives you the ability to send automatic email notifications to specific users based on the type of incident entered. When seconds count, these notifications help you to get information to the right people quickly.

9. Record a single incident with multiple impacts

For example, a motor vehicle incident where a person is injured and property is damaged. These can all be entered as one event instead of individual events, saving you from the hassle of re-keying information.

10. Leverage integrations

Perillon is powerful by itself, but it’s even more powerful when you connect it to the other tools your organization uses. Our data integration platform allows you to automatically extract relevant data from other systems. For example, let’s say you use a continuous emissions monitoring system (CEMs) to collect emissions data and Perillon to manage your environmental data. When you connect the two and pull in data automatically, it saves time, streamlines reporting, and improves decision making.

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