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4 Problems ALLETE Solves Using Perillon

When you're a fast-paced EHS team spread out across multiple locations, how do you keep everyone on the same page?

For ALLETE, a rapidly growing energy distribution company, the answer was Perillon. 

The ALLETE team needed a way to collect, manage, and report on data efficiently, despite high employee turnover and changing regulations.

Now with Perillon in their corner, ALLETE has a centralized document storage system, standardized audits and inspections, mobile data capture at the source, centralized environmental data, and instant reporting and dashboard trending information. The team is able to focus on more strategic activities, because they're not wasting time searching for information and manually creating reports. 

Below, we've outlined 4 challenges Perillon is helping ALLETE solve in ways you may not have considered before. 

1. How do we streamline data entry and reporting?

When you're just starting out, scanning in paper data and emailing Excel spreadsheets might seem like a manageable idea. But as your company grows and expands, it's not an efficient way to collaborate or create reports. 

The Perillon system proved to be a highly efficient solution for ALLETE. With Perillon, environmental data management for air, water and waste is streamlined and centralized. Generating a report takes minutes versus days or weeks, and management has instant visibility of trends across locations to help them make better decisions.

In addition, ALLETE is using Perillon's mobile app to make data entry and reporting even easier. Says Kurt Anderson, Manager of Environmental and Land Management at ALLETE, "We are reducing administrative and travel time significantly, because now data can be captured remotely, accurately, and analyzed efficiently."

2. How do we keep compliance task management consistent?

When you have more than one location, it's important that everyone takes a consistent approach to compliance tasks. It's much easier to do this when you have one system that can be easily implemented across the entire company -- not just the environmental and safety teams. 

Today, ALLETE's entire corporate auditing program is in Perillon. "Standardizing our compliance audits and inspections across our sites has been one of the most exciting developments in our evolution to a more modern, interactive compliance program," Kurt Anderson told us. 

3. Is high staff turnover putting us at risk of non-compliance? 

Like many EHS departments, ALLETE was experiencing high employee turnover -- around 90% over an eight-year period. This presents a two-fold challenge:

  1. Getting new employees up to speed quickly
  2. Making sure you don't lose data when an employee puts in their two-week notice

With Perillon, new employees only need to learn one system -- not multiple spreadsheets and databases. One of the things ALLETE users like most about the Perillon system is its maturity and ease of use.

And since Perillon captures institutional knowledge in one central location, there's a much lower risk of information getting lost when employees leave. 

4. How can we maintain compliance with new regulations?

For many companies, keeping up with new regulations is a huge compliance headache.

In order to maintain their consistent compliance record, ALLETE’s management needed a comprehensive view of compliance across their facilities and locations for both environmental and safety data.

With the Perillon system, air, water, waste, and safety data is streamlined and centralized. Managers now have all this data at their fingertips, so they can quickly analyze trends and make strategic decisions on changes needed to calibrate and standardize efforts across sites. 

What's next?

To read more about how ALLETE successfully implemented and uses Perillon, download the case study here. Can Perillon help your EHS team solve their problems, too? Get a live, customized demo and see for yourself if Perillon is a fit. 




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