5 Reasons to Get Excited About Perillon in 2020

2019 was a big year for Perillon.

In June, we announced we had been acquired by Lisam Systems. We added some new and exciting features to our existing platform, and welcomed new customers to the Perillon family. And, we published over 100 articles on topics like safety, risk, and environmental management!

Here's a look back at our 2019 highlights and some reasons to get excited about Perillon in 2020:

Perillon joined the Lisam Group to grow our platform

Since the beginning, Perillon’s mission has been to provide flexible, simple EHS risk and compliance software solutions to mid-size companies at an affordable price point. We spent a long time looking for the right partner who would invest in our product development and enable us to achieve our mission on a larger scale.

So we were pleased to announce that Perillon was acquired in June by Belgium-based Lisam Systems. Lisam is a global leader in SDS and Chemical Management with over 1,300 customers worldwide, including 180 U.S. customers. Lisam’s investment in Perillon will enable us to offer expanded solutions and deliver additional value, reaching more customers around the world.

We’ve partnered with Lisam to offer a more complete EHS solution

In addition to Lisam’s investment in Perillon product development, one of the most valuable opportunities we can offer our customers is to connect them with Lisam’s SDS and chemical management platform. Instead of having to work with multiple vendors, customers can now have a more complete EHS software solution from one vendor. Using Perillon and Lisam, companies can meet their full compliance needs including audits and inspections, safety and environmental data management, inventory management, SDS authoring, and more.

We’ve added new features to expand data query and reporting functionality, and enhanced our training and mobile solutions

At Perillon, we’re always listening to our customers and making improvements based on their feedback. This year, we rolled out several new features to help customers solve problems and work more efficiently.

For instance, our new Ad Hoc Query feature makes it easy for anyone to run a one-off query or create a custom report on the fly. It’s especially helpful for casual users who need to answer a single, specific questions like “Who in my group has overdue tasks?” — without building a new dashboard or diving into custom reporting.

We also made enhancements to our GOpak mobile app and TRAININGTrak module. These enhancements are designed to streamline data entry, simplify your workflows, and give you more control over your day-to-day tasks.

We’ve made Perillon even more affordable

In addition to expanding our product offerings and adding new features and enhancements, we’ve made some changes to our pricing plans to make our software even more accessible to small- and mid-size companies. Now you can get started with Perillon for under $1,000/month for a team of users.

To facilitate budget approvals, we also launched our Jumpstart 2020 program this fall. It provides special prorated pricing to new customers to help them get up and running. (Contact us for more information!)

Plus, we included some new features in our pricing plans. For example, our Quick Start plan now includes mobile audits and inspections — at no additional cost!

Customers took advantage of our quick, low-impact implementations

One of the biggest obstacles that holds companies back from using EHS software is the time investment required to get started. Unlike traditional software systems that take months to implement and drain your resources, Perillon can be up and running in as little as two weeks.

We’re seeing more companies choosing to start small and add on as they grow. For example, some customers start with task and document management, audits and inspections, and dashboard reporting. This allows them to focus on a handful of modules that will deliver immediate value with minimal impact on their resources.

Onward and upward in 2020

We’ve got big plans for Perillon in the year ahead. As always, we’re learning from our customers and looking for ways to add even more value. Stay tuned to see where our growth and innovation takes us from here!

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