5 Signs It's Time to Buy EHS Software

Thinking of investing in EHS software soon? Whether you’re fed up with spreadsheets, short on time and resources, or just looking for a better way to manage your compliance obligations, there are plenty of reasons it could be time to purchase a modern software system. Don’t wait — here are five surefire signs it’s time to buy EHS software.

1. Important tasks are slipping through the cracks

No matter how hard you try to stay organized, you find yourself falling behind and scrambling to get work done. Compliance and reporting deadlines creep up on you at the last minute. Worse, critical inspections or follow-up actions get overlooked.

If you’re noticing problems with managing tasks and deadlines, it’s time to buy EHS software. The longer you wait, the more you put your organization at risk of a serious incident or non-compliance.

2. You’re spending too much time on admin

EHS professionals are spending too much time entering data, correcting errors, and compiling reports. The same goes for EHS consultants: They’re wasting billable hours on non-value added activities. In fact, global research suggests that workers lose a third of their day to administrative tasks. This takes them away from meaningful work that contributes to the overall safety and efficiency of the company.

If administrative tasks are hurting productivity in your organization, you’re better off investing in an EHS software system that empowers your team to make time for the work that matters.

3. Incidents are costing your company money

Without a good system for preventing and managing incidents, you're more likely to overlook risks that can lead to a serious injury or accident. A single injury can quickly add up and ultimately cost as much as — if not more than — an EHS software system.

Modern software can help you get ahead of issues before they evolve into something more severe. For many companies, the savings on worker's compensation, fines, legal fees, and insurance premiums through an upgrade can equate to thousands of dollars or more per year. On the other hand, every day you put off purchasing EHS software increases your risk of a costly incident occurring.

4. You have high employee turnover

Some turnover is normal. Employees eventually retire or get promoted, so you will understandably have to replace people from time to time. But if you’re losing key EHS staff, you need to make sure you have a succession plan in place.

EHS software can help bridge the gap between employees on their way out and new hires. Instead of relying on institutional memory, software ensures that your critical business information is preserved in a central location. Not only that, but a good system will reduce the stress and demands on existing employees, which can help you hang on to your top performers longer.

5. Your company is growing

Growth is a good thing. However, it can also lead to some growing pains. As your company gets bigger, you’ll have a harder time managing your data and tasks with spreadsheets and paper files. These tools simply aren’t designed to manage the volume or complexity of data you’re dealing with today.

The sooner you start using EHS software, the easier the transition will be. Look for a software system that’s designed to scale with you so that it will meet your needs no matter how much your company grows.

Next steps

Whatever the reason, if you’ve made the decision to invest EHS software, we’ve created some resources to support you along the way. Browse our free guides to help you choose the right EHS software or build a business justification.

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