8 Things You Could Be Doing With All The Time Saved By Using Perillon

One of the biggest benefits of using Perillon is the time savings you’ll notice.

It might not seem like much, but all the time you spend keying in data, searching for documents, and following up on tasks can really add up.

Around the end of the year, glance at how much time you’ve spent compared to spreadsheets or homegrown software — the difference will be staggering.

So what can you do with all the extra time you’ll save by using Perillon?


  1. Spot trends and risks. With Perillon, reports that used to take days or weeks to pull together can now be compiled in seconds. Use the extra time to analyze your data for patterns that can help you proactively prevent unwanted events.
  2. Analyze the impact of new programs. Now that Perillon is cutting down the time spent managing incidents, tracking corrective actions through to closure, and preparing reports, you’ll have the time (and tools) to analyze your efforts. Is your new training initiative effective? Are corrective actions working as intended?
  3. Implement new standards and industry methodologies. Since you’ve got all your safety and environmental data in place, you’ve got more time to focus on implementing industry best practices. We recommend reading up on ISO 14001 or ISO 45001.
  4. Measure the financial impact of EHS. You already know that safety creates tremendous value for your organization, but how much? Perillon enables you to quickly calculate the cost of incidents to demonstrate that your EHS activities are making a measurable impact on the business' bottom line.
  5. Negotiate better insurance rates. With all the time saved using EHS software, you can look into negotiating your rates to ensure you’re paying the lowest amount possible. You’ll need to come prepared with quantitative data to make sure you receive the best coverage and the best price. With software, information about your risk profile is already at your fingertips.
  6. Establish new policies and procedures. That could mean creating a new cell phone driving policy to address distracted driving, or implementing new audits or inspections to improve safety further. In any case, you’ll have the time to put these ideas into action because you’re no longer a slave to your spreadsheets.
  7. Focus on environmental compliance. When you’re buried in paperwork, you just don’t have time to keep up with regulatory changes. With software, you’ll spend less time keying in environmental data — which means more time to focus on environmental programs (and potentially less reliance on expensive environmental consultants).
  8. Attend a conference or networking event. Professional development is vital to help you stay current in your field. By using Perillon’s time-saving mobile apps, you can keep tabs on tasks and deadlines even while you’re away from the office.

Want to know how much time Perillon could save your company, specifically? Check out this article on how to estimate ROI for EHS software or let us perform a free custom ROI assessment for you.

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