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April Safety Topic: April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Transportation accidents are the leading cause of workplace fatalities, accounting for 40% of all fatalities according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

Many of these accidents can be attributed to distracted driving: eating, drinking, talking, tuning the radio, or texting.  What’s more, employers can be held liable when distracted drivers cause accidents at work.

With that in mind, here are 10 ways employers can participate in Distracted Driving Awareness Month and promote safe driving:


  1. Download the free NSC Safe Driving kit available at The kit includes handouts, videos, and other resources for safety professionals to educate and promote safe driving.
  2. Take the pledge to drive cell-phone free.
  3. Create or update your policy on cell phone use while driving company vehicles, as well as company cell phone use while driving personal vehicles. Here is a sample cell phone policy to use as a jumping-off point.
  4. Require workers to pull off the road if they need to answer a call, send a text, or look up directions.
  5. Lead by example: Do not answer calls or text messages while you are driving. Update your voicemail with a message letting employees and coworkers know you do not answer calls when you are driving, and will return their call later.
  6. Start all conference calls by asking if anyone is driving. If so, have them hang up and call back when they are in a safe location.
  7. Host a video screening and discussion using the NSC Safe Driving Kit.
  8. Include a module on distracted driving in your company’s motor vehicle safety training.
  9. Read case studies to learn how Owens Corning and Cummins put a distracted driving policy in place, and their advice to help you do the same.
  10. Consider technology solutions like telematics, driver monitoring, and apps that minimize distracted driving. Learn more about these technologies.

Next steps: Download the 2020 Safety Calendar

In addition to participating in Distracted Driving Awareness Month and following the tips above, download the free 2020 safety calendar to help you plan your toolbox talks and training.

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