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What is Carbon Negative Power? And How It Will Change the Energy Industry

By John Niemoller July 22, 2021

What if using energy could actually reduce your carbon footprint? That's the question companies..

Greenhouse Gas Reduction Strategies from the Construction Industry

By John Niemoller July 6, 2021

Sustainability has been an important priority for the construction industry for some time. But from..

What is ESG Materiality?

By John Niemoller June 29, 2021

ESG reporting is a way to inform your investors, customers, and other stakeholders about your..

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Transition Finance Could Help Heavy Emitters Hit Net Zero Targets

By John Niemoller June 15, 2021

While green bonds have become a popular way for companies to fund their sustainability projects,..

ESG Reporting Frameworks: Comparing CDP, GRI & More

By John Niemoller June 8, 2021

By now, you've no doubt heard about the rise of ESG reporting. And you may also be familiar with..

Sustainability Bonds Are Poised To Become The Next Big Thing

By John Niemoller May 25, 2021

In 2021, being sustainable isn't just something companies do to appeal to consumers — it's vital to..

Why Managers Matter in Creating a Sustainability Culture

By John Niemoller May 18, 2021

A decade ago, sustainability was something that was relegated to the work of the sustainability..

More Companies Are Talking About ESG

By John Niemoller May 4, 2021

This year's biggest corporate buzzword isn't actually one word but three: environmental, social,..

An Inside Look at the EHS Software Purchase Process

By John Niemoller April 27, 2021

Buying EHS software isn't like buying a car. You can't simply walk into the showroom, pick out the..

Top Emissions Data Management Challenges Facing Utilities

By John Niemoller April 15, 2021

The power sector is on the verge of its most dramatic transformation in decades. By 2035, the..


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