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6 Tips to Delegate EHS Tasks Effectively

By Kyra Sharp November 12, 2019

For EHS managers, there’s never a shortage of tasks that need your attention. Just when you think..

ISO 45001 Certification: Costs, Benefits, and Steps

By Kyra Sharp October 17, 2019

Many organizations around the world are already using the ISO 45001 standard as a way to manage..

Learning Management System vs. Training Management System: What's the Difference?

By Kyra Sharp October 15, 2019

While a learning management system and training management system sound similar, they’re not the..

7 Power Users' Favorite Perillon Features

By Kyra Sharp September 17, 2019

Looking for ideas to make the most of Perillon’s EHS management software?

10 Ways to Be More Productive with Perillon

By Kyra Sharp August 29, 2019

Perillon is packed with features that can help your team save time. From mobile apps that enable..

How to Overcome Employee Resistance to Technological Change

By Kyra Sharp August 20, 2019

Do your employees roll their eyes at the mention of new technology? Or worse, do they balk or flat..

The #1 Reason EHS Software Implementations Fail (And What To Do About It)

By Kyra Sharp June 18, 2019

When EHS software implementations flop, everyone’s quick to point fingers.

New in Perillon: Create Custom Reports on the Fly

By Kyra Sharp May 23, 2019

Perillon users have lots of options when it comes to reporting.

Feature Spotlight: Include Images in Inspection Reports

By Kyra Sharp April 9, 2019

We know that photos can be incredibly useful when it comes to supporting inspection findings and..

5 Document Management Tips for EHS Teams

By Kyra Sharp March 12, 2019

Feel like you’re buried under an avalanche of forms, permits, and contracts? You’re not alone:..


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