7 Power Users' Favorite Perillon Features

Looking for ideas to make the most of Perillon’s EHS management software?

We reached out to our power users and asked them to share their favorite Perillon features. Here’s what they had to say:

Keep track of to-do items...

The Perillon feature I like the most are the TO DO ITEMS within a task. We have found creative ways to use TO DO ITEMS to manage a variety of different types of tasks.

-Jessica Demar, Environmental & Regulatory Compliance Coordinator at Connecticut Water Company

...and get reminders for each step

Looking at our application and implementation so far our favorite feature we like most are the To-do’s under individual tasks. Being able to make sub-tasks for a larger task and get reminders and notifications for each step within the task progress is helpful in managing time, ensuring compliance deadlines are not missed.

-Ryan Perrello, National Fuel Gas

Export data in bulk

A top feature is the Data Warehouse and ability to export data in bulk using Qlikview or PerformanceMax. Exporting data into an Excel spreadsheet and tabular form allows for customized analysis, benefiting both SHE and AstraZeneca with timely analysis and trending. This can complement use of PerformanceMax to analyze the data, which has a different interface that most users are unfamiliar with. AstraZeneca teams retrieve their data in a familiar format and easily integrate these into existing processes.

-Andrea, AstraZeneca

Track incidents 

I would say than IncidentTrak is our most valued module going forward.  The flexibility of how IncidentTrak can be used including the various available impact forms allow us to customize how we track all incidents in our operations.  We use it to track everything from safety-related injuries/illnesses, environmental releases, vehicle accidents, and equipment failures.  The ability to use the primary and secondary categories in concert allows us to perform better data trend analysis to identify areas of focus for our HSE program.

-Randy Robichaux, Denbury

Get notified of incidents instantly

I would say the best feature is the instant notification of incidents across departments and locations. By sharing this info early, other departments/locations can see what happened and use the incident as a training tool for review with employees to hopefully prevent it from happening somewhere else. Additionally, other sites may be able to share corrective actions or improvements they have taken to minimize or eliminate the potential for the incident to occur at their location.

-James B. Tessier, CHMM, Senior Environmental Engineer at FLEXcon Company, Inc.

Save OSHA logs as PDFs & roll up email alerts

OSHA logs saved as PDFs. Roll up email alerts.

-Kelly Co, EHS Systems Manager at Bostik, Inc.

Manage daily tasks & create custom dashboards

Favorite features:

  • Home screen defaulting showing my tasks by due date. It makes managing daily tasks much easier and reduces the chance of missing something. Also love the quick launch from the home screen.
  • Really find PerformanceMax to add benefit in creating dashboards and matrices for reporting out to management. We use a dashboard each week for a planning and scheduling meeting to prepare for the week ahead.

-Rhonda Morphew, East Kentucky Power Cooperative


Tell us in the comments below: What’s your favorite Perillon feature? Then, don’t forget to subscribe for even more helpful tips and tricks.

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