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How to Standarize Your Inspections Using Perillon

If you haven’t standardized your inspection process, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. Standardizing inspections is one of the best ways to make your inspection process smoother and your inspectors more productive.

In simple terms, standardization refers to creating rules for how to complete a specific task. These rules ensure consistency, accuracy, and efficiency. But how do you actually go about standardizing your inspections? Let’s look at four ways Perillon can help:

Build inspection form templates

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of ways to standardize inspections? If you're like most people, you probably think about creating a standard inspection form to use across your entire company. For example, instead of using a variety of slightly different JSA forms, you might require workers to use a specific form every time they complete a job safety assessment.

In Perillon, you can drag-and-drop to build custom form templates for any type of inspection. Creating standardized templates for inspection forms can go a long way toward ensuring that inspections are completed the same way across many different work sites. Standardized forms can help you save time and ensure nothing important gets overlooked. And because the information is recorded in the same format every time, standardized forms can help you easily locate and interpret critical information, such as follow-up tasks that need to be completed.

Organize with workflows

Of course, standardization also means making sure that everyone is following the same steps when carrying out an inspection. How often do specific inspections need to be completed? How will you ensure that issues that are identified during an inspection are followed through to closure?

Without a clear set of instructions to work from, each person will have a slightly different way of doing things. That can result in a lot of time wasted trying to figure things out.

Perillon solves this problem using workflows. Workflows guide individuals through a defined process, which ensures that all necessary steps are completed in a timely fashion.

Automate repetitive tasks

Once you’ve mapped out your workflows, see what can be automated. Any task that is performed on a regular basis is a candidate for automation — including certain aspects of inspections. Generating findings, triggering corrective actions, and creating alerts and notifications are all tasks that can be automated in Perillon.

Instead of having to complete these tasks by hand, Perillon will complete them automatically based on configurable rules you set in the system. And, because these tasks are performed by a computer, you can rest easy knowing they'll be carried out the same way each time.

Take advantage of mobile technology

With the right software, inspections can be performed in the field using mobile devices. Instead of collecting data on a paper form and manually entering it into the system, inspectors can capture data using any mobile phone or tablet. This reduces the chances of making a mistake while keying in data from a paper form.

Perillon’s mobile inspection app guides inspectors through standard processes. This ensures that data is collected in a consistent format, so that it’s much easier to get out of the system for reporting. Not only that, but data captured on mobile devices syncs to the centralized system so that all of your business units have access to the same information in real-time.

Check out the video below to see it in action:


Your takeaway

No matter which type of inspection you need to perform, standardization can help you save time and get better results. Perillon’s audits & inspections software allows you to configure structured forms for any type of assessment. You can set up workflows to drive the inspection process efficiently, and automate time-consuming tasks. With Perillon’s GOPak mobile app, you can streamline things even further by completing inspections on any mobile device or tablet.

If you would like to learn more about how to standardize your inspections, request a free Perillon demo.

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