How to Use Perillon for Permit Management

If your organization requires permits to operate, there's a lot to keep track of. Permit documents, renewal and expiration dates, sampling events, and reporting requirements — to name a few.

Plenty of businesses rely on Outlook, Excel, and email threads to manage this information, but these tools simply don’t have the features and functionality that EHS teams need. You’ll constantly be searching for details about permit requirements and due dates, and could even miss an important deadline because of this.

Perillon gives you a straightforward way to track and manage all of your environmental permit requirements centrally with automatic notifications of regulatory deadlines and other actions. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to use — even if you’re not particularly tech-savvy.

Here are a few of the ways people are using Perillon for permit management:

Organize permits & relevant documentation

Perillon's document management module is where you keep track of permits and related documents. If you're used to dealing with paper files or email attachments, this is a game changer.

You can either scan your permit documents in, or upload your existing files to Perillon. Once they’re in the system, documents are easily searchable. All you need to do is search for a type of permit or keyword and they all come up. It might not seem like much at first, but think how much time you’ll save compared to digging through stacks of paper.

Having a centralized system in place keeps important documents from getting lost in the shuffle. And, should someone retire or leave the organization, you won’t have to go looking for important files on their computer.

Never miss a deadline

Perillon's compliance calendar is where you keep track of all the tasks and activities related to your permit requirements. This includes expiration and renewal dates, reporting requirements, audits, and other tasks related to each permit.

You can add due dates to each task so you know when permits are expiring or need to be renewed. For bigger tasks, you can also create a list of subtasks and related activities you need to complete. And, you can create recurring tasks — for example, if permits need to be renewed on an annual basis.

Unlike Outlook or Google Calendar, Perillon allows you to associate regulatory references such as permit citations and local regulations to each task: 

task creation dialog box showing regulatory references

Permit references are helpful to clarify detailed compliance requirements. You can also attach relevant documentation to provide additional reference information. When it’s time to renew a permit or prepare a report, everything you need is right there.

Assign tasks & ensure accountability

Want to assign a task to someone else? Add their name as the task owner in Perillon, and they’ll receive an alert letting them know that a task has been assigned. This instantly eliminates confusion about task responsibilities and deadlines.

Assigning task owners helps keep people accountable, but it’s also important if someone leaves your organization. With Perillon, you can quickly identify all the tasks they were working on and reassign them to someone else. This reduces the chances of you missing an important deadline or forgetting to renew a permit, for example.

Perillon also gives you the ability to track tasks through to closure. When someone finishes a task, they can mark it “complete” in the system. In this way, Perillon makes it easy to keep track of what’s been completed and what still needs to be done.

See the big picture

Perillon’s task calendar keeps all your team’s work organized in a shared space. For managers, the calendar lets you see everything that’s going on and what’s overdue. You can see all the tasks related to permits, including expirations and renewal dates. For individual users, the calendar makes it easy to see which tasks need their attention.

You can easily toggle between daily, weekly, and monthly calendar views. By switching views, you can get a clearer picture of your schedule and what you need to be working on:

monthly and weekly calendar views

Tasks are color-coded to highlight urgent items, such as upcoming renewals, and help you focus on the most important tasks. For more information, you can click on the task in your calendar to see additional details like regulatory references and attachments.

Get notifications & escalate alerts to specific people

An essential part of permit management is making sure nothing slips through the cracks. Instead of having to check your calendar to see what’s due, you can set up notifications to remind you when deadlines are coming up. So for example, when a permit needs to be renewed, Perillon will send you an email ahead of time so you don’t forget. You can decide how many days before the task is due you want to receive a notification to give yourself time to prepare. This greatly reduces the risks of a deadline being overlooked and helps your team avoid the last-minute scramble.

Set thresholds, monitor compliance performance, and trigger corrective actions

With Perillon, you can measure air, water, waste and energy data in real time and compare these readings to permit limits. In this way, Perillon gives you full visibility into your environmental performance and makes it easy to demonstrate compliance.

If you use Perillon to manage your environmental data, the system can automatically alert you if a threshold or permit limit is exceeded. Not only that, but you can configure the system to trigger corrective actions based on the conditions you decide.

This is a major advantage for both your EHS team and your organization. With the power of automation, Perillon can keep an eye out for issues around the clock and notify you when something needs your attention. Plus, it can improve your environmental performance through greater visibility and reduced time to resolution.

Report on performance in dashboards

Gone are the days of preparing reports by hand using data from your spreadsheets. Perillon’s dashboards provide immediate visibility into your compliance performance related to your permits. Drill down on a specific permit area quickly such as air, water, or waste. Or, view permit status by task owner and location — all this information is at your fingertips:

dashboard showing tasks by driver


dashboard showing task status by location

You can also set up unique dashboard views for different users or groups. For example, you can create an executive dashboard that provides management with a holistic view of where each individual site or company as a whole stands with their permit management. With customized dashboards, each person can see the information that’s most important to them without having to dig or run a report.

Schedule a demo and see Perillon in action

If you’re already a Perillon user, we hope this article sparks some new ideas for how you can get more out of these powerful tools. And, if you’re not using Perillon yet, now you have an idea of how the software can help you stay organized and reduce compliance risks. For more information, request a live custom demo with our solutions team. We’ll walk you through the software and answer any questions you might have about features, pricing, implementation, and support.

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