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How We Use Customer Feedback to Make Perillon Better

Chances are you get lots of emails asking for your feedback, from an online order to a recent flight. 

But have you ever wondered what actually happens to your response?

At Perillon, we spend a lot of time listening to our customers and making improvements based on that feedback.

It's one of the reasons we ranked above the industry average on customer service on NAEM's EHS software survey.

Here's a look at some of the ways we're using customer feedback to make Perillon better:

Deciding which new features to build

We're fortunate to be able to work closely with our customers during the implementation process and beyond.

That means we get to see how they work, which features they're using, and which new features they want us to introduce. When we hear a new feature request popping up over and over, that's a sign it's something we should build.  

Other times, we notice a specific customer challenge that pops up in one-on-one conversations, focus groups, or support calls. Then we look for ways to build a feature that solves that problem for our customers. 

For example, we noticed that we were receiving a lot of requests to build custom reports for water, waste, air, or GHG emissions permit requirements. We knew that putting the power of reporting in our customers' hands would make their lives easier. So we built a cost-effective Data Warehouse tool that lets customers create unlimited custom reports with any data they want. 

Developing and testing new features

Customer feedback helps us decide which features to build, but it doesn't stop there.

As we're designing a new feature, we look to our customers for feedback on what they like and what they want us to change. This means we spend a lot of time sharing mockups or wireframes with our customers and asking for their feedback. 

As we speak, we're currently building some new features with input from our customers (stay tuned!). These valuable conversations help us dig deeper and build a better solution for our customers.

Improving training & support

Product development isn't the only way we use customer feedback. We also use it to improve our training and support offerings.

With our strong background in EHS, we love helping our customers find ways to solve problems and work more efficiently. We offer several models of software support, including 24x7 user support and adoption support to tackle specific challenges and questions. 

We find that a lot of our customers are facing the same challenges, and it can be helpful to see how others are solving those problems. For example, we recently wrote about some of the problems Allete solves using Perillon in ways you might not have thought of before. 

We also maintain a frequently updated blog where we share industry news, how-to's, and answers to frequently asked questions. (You can subscribe for updates right here.)

What's next?

Customer-centered new features, training, and support are just a few of the reasons companies choose Perillon. Check out our customer success stories to see some of the other reasons companies choose us.

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