Feature Spotlight: Include Images in Inspection Reports

We know that photos can be incredibly useful when it comes to supporting inspection findings and adding another layer of clarity to your inspection reports.

In the past, adding these images to an inspection report involved a lot of extra work. You had to capture images from a camera or smartphone, manually upload them to your computer, locate the images, and insert them into your reports.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just push a button and have a report with all the findings and images from an inspection? With Perillon’s AssessmenTrak Image Reporting feature, you can! Here’s how it works.

Capture images during an inspection

Using Perillon’s GOpak mobile app, inspectors can capture data and images at the source with any smartphone or tablet. Let's say an inspector is observing employees assembling a product and notices that there is inadequate task lighting at several workstations. They can quickly take a picture, answer a few questions, and record it as a finding.

Findings and corresponding images are uploaded to Perillon’s centralized database immediately. The app even works offline for extended periods so inspectors can capture information without WiFi and sync once they’re back online.

Create an inspection report with images

Once inspectors create a finding, you can easily view the results on Perillon’s dynamic dashboards or export a report with just one click.

With the image reporting feature, you can easily include all the images captured during an inspection in your inspection reports. No more wasting hours copying and pasting findings and images into a Powerpoint for your weekly or monthly meetings!

In this screenshot, you can see an example of an AssessmenTrak Image Report. The report includes the name of the assessor and date/time of the inspection, inspection questions and answers, any notes or corrective actions, whether the issue was resolved, and the corresponding resolution, along with an image to support the finding.

AssessmenTrak Image Report

Your next steps

We hope the AssessmenTrak Image Reporting feature will help you create valuable, image-rich inspection reports in minutes.

>>> If you're already a Perillon customer and would like to start using this feature, please contact your account manager.

>>> If you're not using Perillon yet, learn more about our EHS software solutions or set up your free demo.  



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