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New in Perillon: Calculate the Cost of Incidents

cost-of-incidents.pngPerillon makes it easy for you to capture injuries, illnesses, accidents, spills, permit violations, and other incidents. But it can be difficult to get a handle on how much these events are actually costing your company.

Now we've added incident impact financial metrics to help you calculate the true cost of incidents and injuries and make better-informed decisions. Here's how it works:

Track the direct & indirect cost of incidents

Let's say you've been tracking incidents in Perillon, and you've noticed that a lot of vehicle accidents occur as your drivers are delivering products.

You want to track not only direct costs associated with these accidents (towing fees, vehicle repairs, fines, workers comp) but also indirect costs (increased insurance premiums, missed opportunities, efficiency costs, equipment downtime).

With the new incident impact financial metrics feature, you can create fields for these costs and add them to any accident that occurs. The options are unlimited, so you can input any and all costs you want to track:

  • employee costs
  • fines and penalties
  • canceled or lost orders
  • rescheduling work
  • legal fees
  • insurance premiums
  • damage and replacement
  • management lost time

...and more.


Here’s a look at the new incident impacts feature. Once you’ve created custom fields, you can plug in costs and add your notes. You’ll see the total cost displayed in the bottom left corner.

Calculate the true cost of incidents

At the end of the year, you can create a summary of all the costs associated with vehicle accidents with just a few clicks. Need to perform calculations or pull out specific costs? You can do that too. You’ll be able to see costs per incident type, costs per location, annual costs, and more.

By capturing indirect costs, you discover that vehicle accidents are actually costing you $300,000/year more than you expected. Now you can create a CEO-ready report and submit an ROI business justification to corporate on why they should enroll drivers in a new preventive driving training course.

We hope this new feature will make it easy for you to calculate the true costs associated with incidents and injuries and make better-informed decisions

>>> If you're already a customer, you’ll see the new incident impact financial metrics feature in your account. Reach out to our team if you have questions.

>>> If you're not using Perillon yet, check out our other incident management tools or set up your free demo.

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