New in Perillon: Create Custom Reports on the Fly

Perillon users have lots of options when it comes to reporting.

You can create custom dashboard views for specific groups or users. You can also build complex custom reports for water, waste, air or GHG emissions permit with the data warehouse tool.

But sometimes, you just need to answer a single, specific question like “Who in my group has overdue tasks?” — without building a new dashboard or diving into custom reporting.

In that case, we’ve added a new Ad Hoc Query feature that makes it easy for everyday users to run a one-off query or create a custom report on the fly. Here’s how it works.

Drag & drop to build custom reports in seconds

As the name suggests, the Ad Hoc Query tool enables you to create simple custom data views “as the occasion requires”.

The Ad Hoc Query tool is designed for the casual user — so you don't need any special reporting or technical skills to use it. Anyone with appropriate permissions can create and save their own version of a report with the data they need to review, in the format they need it.

Let’s say, for example, you want to quickly see who has overdue tasks. In the Ad Hoc Query tool, simply capture the fields you want from the list of available fields and drag them into the Reporting Fields section.



You can also use the Sorting Fields function to configure how the data will be displayed.

Once you’ve added all the fields you want, you can run the query and preview your data.

Or, let’s say you want to see specific types of observations that have been entered into the system and find out whether there’s a consistent behavior for the observations being rejected. Using the Ad Hoc Query tool, you can quickly create a report that shows all rejected observations along with who rejected them and the reason.






Export to Excel with a click

Once you’ve created a custom report, you can print or save it to return later. The adhoc report viewer also makes it easy to export your report to Excel.

Exporting can be helpful if you need to view and work with your data outside of Perillon. For example, you can export a report if you want to email a spreadsheet to someone on your team, or merge data from another system that’s not integrated with Perillon.

Your next steps

We hope the new Ad Hoc Query tool will help you easily run a one-off query or create a custom report on the fly.

>>> If you're already a Perillon customer, look for an email from Perillon support or contact your account manager for details.

>>> If you're not using Perillon yet, check out our EHS software solutions or set up your free demo.




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