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New in Perillon: Create Unlimited Custom Reports with the Data Warehouse Tool


Perillon includes lots of standard report templates for your environmental, health, and safety data. But sometimes you need a totally custom report for a water, waste, air, or GHG emissions permit requirement. 

Our team frequently receives requests to create these reports, so we built a cost-effective tool that lets you create custom reports with any data you want.  

The data warehouse tool puts the power of reporting in your hands

Now anyone on your team with SQL reporting skills — your IT person, your environmental consultant, your EHS director — can get the information you need out of the system readily. 

The reporting options are unlimited. While the data warehouse tool is especially useful for environmental reports, you can use it to create any custom report. And the data warehouse database gets refreshed every 30 minutes, so your data is always current. 

Besides creating custom reports, you can also export data to your other systems. For example, you can pull out your EHS costs and export them to your financial system. You can even pull specific data on your schedule — weekly, monthly, quarterly — and export it automatically. 

Pull your data into custom reports fluidly

If you've done SQL reporting before, you'll find that the data warehouse tool is pretty intuitive. You can pick fields, join them together, and create a fully formatted report that's ready to send to your regulatory agency or use internally.

But just in case, we've also created a data dictionary that describes every field in context. That's especially useful if someone like your IT person wants to create a report, but isn't familiar with EHS lingo. 

Simplify all your reporting with Perillon

The data warehouse tool is a great complement to our other reporting features. Our standard reporting features let you create complex reports in minutes using pre-set templates. Plus, our intuitive dashboards let you see the information you need at-a-glance so you can make informed decisions. 

We hope this new feature will make it easy for you to create custom reports!

>>> If you're already a customer and want to start using the data warehouse tool, just send our team a message and we'll get you set up. 

>>> If you're not using Perillon yet, check out our environmental software or set up your free demo.

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