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New in Perillon: Greater Visibility with PerformanceMax Dashboards

Whether you're tracking GHG emissions or analyzing incident costs, dashboards have the power to help you work faster, prevent unwanted events, and make actionable decisions. We've been listening to our customers' feedback and exploring how we can help you easily access powerful metrics and data. 

Today, we've added a new dashboard solution called PerformanceMax that makes it easier to control security and data access, streamline sharing, and customize your dashboards. Here's how it works. 

Control dashboard security and data access

Just like you wouldn't want your coworkers to see your checking account balance, there are times when you don't want all employees to be able to see all the data in your dashboards. 

For example, if there's a serious incident at one plant, you don't necessarily want employees at another plant to see sensitive details. 

In order to keep your data views segregated, we've added enhanced user and group security to our dashboards. Now administrators have the ability to control what each group or specific user can see. Users will only see data that is relevant to their role and that they are allowed to access. 

Publish and share dashboards with the right people

In addition to defining which data is available to different users, we've also made easier to publish and share dashboards with specific groups or users. 

Users with "admin" access can create, modify, and publish dashboards. Administrators can share these dashboards with groups or users with particular permissions. 

Users with "view only" access, on the other hand, can view the dashboards and drill down but can't change the dashboard configuration. 

Easily customize your dashboards

We've also made it easier for you to configure your dashboards, such as adding or removing specific reports. That means it's quick and easy for you to create different dashboards for different groups or users. 

Our new PerformanceMax dashboards also render nicely on tablets, so your data looks as good on an iPad as it does on your desktop.  

Your next steps

We hope the new PerformanceMax dashboards will help you easily access powerful metrics and data.

>>> If you're already a Perillon customer, look for an email from Perillon support to schedule your upgrade or contact your account manager for details.

>>> If you're not using Perillon yet, check out our EHS software solutions or set up your free demo

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