New in Perillon: Mobile & Training Enhancements

We're always looking for ways to make using Perillon even easier and more intuitive. In our most recent WorkSpace 5.5 update, we included a number of new features and enhancements to simplify the user experience.

For example, the new Ad Hoc Query feature we talked about here makes it easy for everyday users to run a one-off query or create a custom report on the fly. In response to customer requests, we've also made some improvements to our GOpak mobile app and TRAININGTrak module. Let’s take a closer look at each one.

Streamlined mobile data entry

Perillon’s GOpak mobile app provides a simple way for you to collect and manage data in the field and on the go. You can manage tasks, audits, and inspections; take measurements and readings; and capture incidents and near misses using smartphones or tablets. You can also attach images, video footage, and audio recordings to support your findings.

With this latest enhancement, we've streamlined entry for even faster data collection. For example, when you swipe left on a question, you’ll be presented with the camera icon so you can quickly take additional pictures without navigating into the question. A picture icon will display next to the question title to indicate that a supporting image was captured, as shown below. 

Swipe left for camera

We’ve also incorporated mobile GPS coordinates so you can record precise location information on an incident report.
New in Perillon Mobile & Training EnhancementsThese and other streamlined screens and function buttons will simplify your workflow and help you complete JHAs, maintenance inspections, incident reports, and other tasks in less time.

Quick training assignment

Perillon’s training management module, TRAININGTrak, helps you establish training programs, view assignments and status, and measure training effectiveness — reducing the manual effort required to manage your training program.

The TRAININGTrak module is already full of time-saving features like email alerts that notify you when training deadlines are not met, or the ability to automatically assign training tied to corrective actions. The WorkSpace 5.5 update adds some new quick training assignment options that reduce the workload for managers and admins, and streamline training assignment even further.

With this enhancement, we’ve given you more control over how you search for employees within the training module. You can easily filter employees in your account by job title, department, or function. Once you’ve filtered your employee list, you can assign one or more courses to the entire group with a single click. That makes it easy to adjust training assignments for multiple learners all at the same time.


Your next steps

We hope these feature enhancements will save your team even more time on everyday tasks! Stay tuned for more.

>>> If you're already a Perillon customer, look for an email from Perillon support or contact your account manager for details.

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