How Companies Are Using Perillon During COVID-19 [User Survey]

COVID-19 has made EHS management software a critical technology for businesses in every industry. It’s how teams are managing risk, ensuring a safe work environment, and maintaining regulatory compliance. And for employees who are working remotely, it’s how they’re accessing important data and staying connected to what’s happening in the office.

To better understand how organizations are using EHS software right now, we asked our customers which Perillon features they’re relying on most during COVID-19.

If you’re already using Perillon, we hope their responses will help you get more value from the system. And if you’re not using Perillon yet, we hope this will give you some ideas for how an EHS software system can help you manage through the current crisis.

Key findings

  • Task management, mobile assessments, and dashboard reporting are the top features teams are using.
  • Web-based software allows employees to access their data from anywhere, enabling a smooth transition to remote work.
  • By having an EHS software system in place, teams have been able to continue their normal workflows during the pandemic.

Task management

When asked which Perillon features have been most valuable during the current crisis, nearly half of survey respondents said “task management”.

That should come as no surprise: with so much up in the air, it’s easy for compliance tasks and deadlines to slip through the cracks.

This finding highlights the importance of a centralized solution that is able to track any date-driven activity across the organization, including reporting deadlines, sampling events, permit renewals, and scheduled audits.

Notifications and escalations are particularly helpful during busy times to reduce the risk of non-compliance. Dashboards allow teams to analyze compliance results quickly to spot trends and issues.

Importantly, teams that are already using Perillon noted that they have not had to change the way they manage tasks, since they relied on our TaskTrak solution before the pandemic as well.

Mobile audits & inspections

Another way companies have been using Perillon during COVID-19 is to perform audits and inspections.

Pre-built inspection checklists, which can be customized through our drag-and-drop form builder, standardize the way information is collected across your organization. This makes reporting findings and interpreting trends, such as social distancing and PPE usage, much easier.

Our GOpak mobile app allows inspectors to capture data, photos, video, and audio at the source, including offline, to provide deeper insights. The results are then synced to the centralized system, meaning they can be analyzed efficiently no matter where you’re working from.

Remote work

Almost all of the customers we surveyed mentioned that they like being able to access the software easily regardless of where they are physically located.

Because Perillon is cloud-based, both the software and your data are accessed through a web browser like Google Chrome or Firefox. That means all of your information is available at your fingertips via the web, without having to change your processes for accessing the product.

According to one customer, “We are working remotely during our COVID-19 response, and our normal procedures and access to Perillon has enabled us to maintain continuity in our workflows.”

Dashboard reporting

We also asked our customers which dashboards they’ve relied on most during the current crisis.

Once again, many people indicated that they are using all the standard dashboards they used before COVID-19, such as injury reporting, inspection findings, and task status.

Our findings suggest that organizations rely heavily on dashboards for their day-to-day operations. No matter what’s going on around you, dashboards provide both EHS teams and executives an effective way to keep their finger on the pulse of the organization.

Says one customer, “We have dashboards built to manage our upcoming tasks and those with regulatory requirements are most critical. A quick look at our dashboard keeps us on task with our look forward.”

Which brings us to an important point: Perillon’s dashboards are easily customizable based on your needs. Your dashboards might look different from someone else’s depending on your industry, role, and responsibilities. And since the metrics that matter to you can change from one week or month to the next, you can quickly add or remove reports for full control over your data.

Final thoughts

While COVID-19 has upended life as we know it, people have continued to use Perillon in much the same way as they did before the pandemic. Instead of having to dramatically shift their workflows in response to the crisis, teams have been able to seamlessly transition to remote work while maintaining a high level of compliance and safety.

As our survey findings reveal, having the right tools in place allows you to quickly adapt no matter what comes your way. There will always be the “next” crisis that poses a threat to your operations, making a flexible solution a necessity for continued success.

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