How Technology Can Streamline Your Management of Change (MOC) Process

The days of pencil-and-paper management of change (MOC) are over -- or at least they should be.

Today's EHS leaders are realizing the power of technology in management of change. 

Digitizing your MOC process makes it easier to keep track of changes and approvals across multi-site companies. When records are maintained in a central location, things are harder to miss and easier to find. Digital forms don't get buried in a stack of papers or die on someone's desk. You can work from anywhere, and more gets done. 

If you're still using paper forms, you run the risk of a costly accident or violation. 

According to OSHA, common scenarios where companies fail to comply with MOC requirements are managing changes to operating procedures, documenting time limits for temporary changes, and performing necessary safety actions related to an MOC in a timely manner. These are all MOC process issues that can be easily resolved with the use of technology. 

So how can you transition away from pencil and paper?

EHS software makes it easy to document changes, manage approvals, and maintain safe operations. With a digital management of change process, everything's on the record. You'll have a log of changes and approvals in a centralized system that's easily accessible by need-to-know staff, from anywhere. 

Digital MOC checklists: You can create a customized MOC checklist to document each change in operation or process. This checklist walks each user through a custom set of questions that document the potential outcomes of the change.

Mobile apps: The best software also includes mobile capabilities. Mobile apps enable you to document changes from the field using your cell phone or tablet. And if you're traveling and need to review or check the status of a change, you can handle it on the fly.  

Integrations and automation: EHS software allows you to integrate MOC with other parts of your workflow, such as assigning corrective actions and tracking them to closure. 

Your next steps

It's clear that technology is revolutionizing the way companies do management of change. Think about some of the challenges you're facing when it comes to MOC, and whether EHS software has the potential to help you solve those challenges.

What's holding you back from streamlining your management of change process? Here are some additional resources that can help:


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