The Top EHS Stories From April 2021

Did you miss April's top EHS stories?

We've assembled a list of 10 articles for you from EHS and global news outlets, industry leaders, and technology experts.

The 10 stories that made our list include how environmental management will change in 2021, how Yum Brands and Merck are reducing emissions, moves to phase out fossil fuels, and more. 

4 Ways Environmental Management Will Change in 2021 [Perillon] The ongoing pandemic, growing concerns about climate change, and a new administration in office are all shaping the role of environmental professionals within their organizations. 

How Yum Brands Will Reduce Emissions 50% by 2030 [Environment + Energy Leader] The parent company of Taco Bell, KFC, and Pizza Hut will focus primarily on emission reductions at its more than 50,000 corporate and franchise restaurants.

Merck Commits to Carbon Neutrality, Signs 3 Power Purchase Agreements [Environment + Energy Leader] Merck announced new goals to achieve carbon neutrality across its operations by 2025 and a 30% reduction in its value chain emissions by 2030.

'The Cost of Inaction Is Just Too High’: IKEA To Ramp Up €4Bn Clean Tech Push [Business Green] IKEAs largest franchise owner plans to invest an additional €4 billion to scale up renewable power projects in hopes of powering the entire value chain with its own renewables capacity. 

Biden Tax Plan Replaces U.S. Fossil Fuel Subsidies With Clean Energy Incentives [Reuters] The tax plan would end long-standing fossil fuel subsides and advance clean energy production by providing a 10-year extension of the production tax credit and investment tax credit for clean energy generation.

Governor Newsom Takes Action to Phase Out Oil Extraction in California [] The California governor aims to end oil extraction in the state as part of a larger effort to achieve carbon neutrality. 

SEC Pursues Updates to Climate and ESG Disclosures [EHS Daily Advisor] The SEC has taken significant steps in the first quarter to update its requirements and enforcement on ESG disclosure. 

When You Think Climate Change, You Need to Think About Water [GreenBiz] The climate change conversation has been focused on carbon emissions, but industry experts say there's still untapped potential for water investment. 

IoT Technology Will Save More Than Eight Times the Energy it Consumes by 2030 [IoT Business News] New and emerging IoT technologies will positively impact air, water, and energy consumption. 

Where Are OSHA's COVID Standards? [EHS Today] The agency has yet to issue publish the Emergency Temporary Standards (ETS) regulations President Biden had ordered it to issue no later than mid-March.

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