The Top EHS Stories From August 2022

Did you miss August’s top EHS stories?

We've assembled a list of 10 articles for you from EHS and global news outlets, industry leaders, and technology experts.

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The 10 stories that made our list include an EHS salary survey, a new EPA rule on PFAS, a water crisis in Mississippi, and more.

Are You Being Paid What You're Worth? [EHS Today] Safety professionals are being asked to do more with less since the pandemic, according to a national salary survey. 

The Jackson, Mississippi Water Crisis Follows Years of Systemic Problems [NPR] More than 150,000 people are without drinking water after flooding pushed the city of Jackson’s aging infrastructure to failure. The crisis highlights how vulnerable many cities’ water systems are to climate change. 

700 Million Smart Water Meters and Improved Grid Infrastructure Will Be Critical in Tackling Global Water Stress [IoT Business News] The meters play a key role in water conservation through early and accurate leak detection.

EPA Proposes Designating Certain PFAS Chemicals as Hazardous Substances Under Superfund to Protect People’s Health [EPA] The rule is intended to increase transparency around releases of harmful chemicals and to hold polluters accountable for cleanups. 

Russian Invasion Has Caused Estimated $10B in Environmental Damage: Ukraine [Newsweek] Ukraine’s environmental ministry says it has recorded over 2,000 incidents of Russian forces damaging the country's air, soil and water.

How Africa Could Become a Global Hydrogen Powerhouse [GreenBiz] Africa could produce 5,000 megatonnes of hydrogen a year from its abundant solar and wind resources — enough to meet the world’s energy needs.

EPA Utilizing Flyover Emissions Monitoring [EHS Daily Advisor] The EPA recently announced that it will use helicopters equipped with infrared cameras to survey thousands of oil and gas operations in the Permian Basin. 

What Makes a Return-to-Work Program Effective? Report Offers Perspectives [Safety+Health]  Management commitment, communication and clear expectations are common threads among successful return-to-work programs for injured employees, according to a report from the National Council on Compensation Insurance.

Understanding Behavioral Change to Influence Change Safety [ISHN] Behavioral science can help explain why it’s so hard to change safety habits — and how to make positive changes stick. 

How to Ask For a Bigger EHS Budget in 2023 (And Get It) [Perillon] Whether it’s a conference you want to attend, a new training initiative, a software purchase, or something else you need, these tips will help you successfully ask for a budget increase this year.

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