The Top EHS Stories From March 2022

Did you miss March’s top EHS stories?

We've assembled a list of 10 articles for you from EHS and global news outlets, industry leaders, and technology experts.

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The 10 stories that made our list include new SEC climate disclosure rules, diverse boards deliver more on climate, a milestone for wind & solar, and more. 

1.  SEC Proposes Rules to Enhance and Standardize Climate-Related Disclosures for Investors [U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission] The rules would require companies to disclose their climate-related risks, as well as their greenhouse gas emissions. 

2.  What Is the New SEC Climate Disclosure Rule? And What Does It Mean for EHS Professionals? [Perillon] The new climate disclosure rule will impact the work of EHS professionals in three major ways. 

3.  Companies To Be More Accountable for Their Social and Environmental Impact [European Parliament] Two weeks before the SEC announced its climate disclosure rules, the European Parliament voted in favor of new mandatory rules on ESG disclosure under the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). 

4. Boardrooms With More Women Deliver More on Climate, Says Arabesque [Reuters] The investment research and asset manager showed that companies with more women on their boards are more likely to be on track to meet global climate goals.

5.  Boards Face "NO" Votes Due to Lack of Climate Governance Practices [CERES] Investors are holding boards accountable for failing to adequately oversee their companies’ climate-related risks and opportunities. 

6.  Climate Change: Wind and Solar Reach Milestone As Demand Surges [BBC] Wind and solar generated 10% of global electricity for the first time in 2021, and took place in the Netherlands, Australia, and Vietnam. 

7.  OSHA Proceeds with Healthcare COVID-19 Rule [EHS Daily Advisor] OSHA withdrew its vaccine and testing ETS on January 26, but has scheduled an April 27 public hearing on establishing a permanent healthcare COVID-19 standard.

8.  Facing Your Face Mask Duties – A List of Statewide Orders [JD Supra] Struggling to keep up with changing mask requirements? This post, last updated March 29, provides a list of the jurisdictions where face coverings are recommended or required.

9.  What the Russian Attack on Ukraine Means for Sustainability [GreenBiz] Quitting fossil fuels would solve two problems at once: debilitating Putin and fighting climate change. 

10.  Handle With Care [EHS Today] AlertMedia’s “The State of Employee Safety in 2022” underscores what safety professionals have known for a long time: Employees are more likely to take workplace safety seriously if they feel valued as individuals.

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