Systemized Implementation

Standards-based & Quick. While a "customized" EHS software system may seem attractive, companies later tend to regret the significant amount of time and resources it requires.  Custom solutions demand substantial design time up front, configuration is complex, and ongoing software maintenance and upgrades unique to each customer are expensive.  Getting data out of a customized system is also incredibly time-consuming and costly.  Standards-based implementation allows your software system to do the work for you, enabling you to focus on productivity, rather than waste hours setting up a system that will soon become obsolete. A standards-based implementation also minimizes impact on your resources, who are already over-burdened with increasing demands.  

Systemized.  Our team will have you up and running in half the time of other vendors.  We're committed to making the implementation process as painless as possible. Our software is organized in modules, each of which can be rolled out individually and functioning in a matter of days. The system user-interface is pre-populated with standard fields, which can be configured to meet your specific naming conventions.

Collaborative. Perillon also offers a highly collaborative relationship. We thoughtfully listen to our clients' needs and will work with you to configure the best solution possible for your enterprise, getting you involved hands-on early in the process. As your EHS responsibilities develop, our team will continue to provide efficient management solutions and grow with your enterprise.  We maintain a disciplined and documented implementation process, following your requirements from day one and confirming them with you prior to configuration, so you know exactly what to expect out of the system - no surprises.

User Adoption.  Perillon is highly focused on simplifying user adoption, providing an intuitive transition for employees across your entire enterprise. Our solution is focused on the lowest common denominator: the casual user. We believe the easier the user experience, the easier it is to roll out the system to more employees. The more employees using the system, the more connectivity for your enterprise, dramatically increasing productivity and management transparency.