Centralized Energy Management

With energy costs skyrocketing, companies are looking for ways to optimize energy usage and cut costs, while maintaining production output. Enterprises now capture details of energy use, such as peak and non-peak use and type of fuel used (i.e. natural gas, steam, coal, etc.), and are using programs like Energy Star for guidance and reporting. The information needed to manage energy programs originates from various sources (i.e. utility bills, meters, etc.) and is also essential for generating air emissions inventories and GHG scope I and II estimates important for reporting standards, including WRI, GRI, and CDP.

Perillon provides a simple solution to capture and utilize critical energy data from these sources. By leveraging Perillon's Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), you can set usage and cost- savings goals, track your progress, and benchmark the current state of your energy performance. You can also compare energy usage across your enterprise to identify areas with the highest probability for reduction.
The Perillon system is a centralized tool that will help you meet your energy reductions goals; our powerful dashboards generate immediate visibility of your progress, so you can proactively make decisions and influence the results. Perillon will guide your organization to improve its energy and financial performance, helping to distinguish your enterprise as an environmental leader.

Calculation Engine
Build and maintain formulas to define energy and resource metrics at any level in your organization, even down to the asset location.  Use our GOpak Mobile App to capture readings, even while offline, and feed your calculations.


Data-Driven Decisions
Set Measurable Goals for energy usage and cost reductions. Track Key Performance Indicators in configurable dashboards for quick analysis of results against goals.


Systems Integration
Leverage your existing investment in production system automation (e.g. SCADA) through integration with our web services integration platform to extract high volumes of data at any frequency.

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Powerful, comprehensive EHS Management software designed for mid- to large-sized companies seeking high-value solutions, with the flexibility to scale throughout the enterprise. 

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Our standards-based and systemized implementation is much quicker compared to complex, customized and costly systems. 

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Perillon’s simple solutions promote more connectivity and information transparency across the enterprise.

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Simplicity breeds adoption, which leads to higher productivity and better results.

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