Are you ready for electronic NSPS report submittals?

The new rule requires certain industrial sources to electronically submit to the EPA specific air emissions data reports under the New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) in Part 60 of Chapter 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

Companies may need to implement new policies and procedures to comply with the rule..... If you would like to learn more about the rule or how we may be able to help you comply with the Code of Federal Regulations, fill out our form and one of our Experts will contact you!


Some More Background on the Rule

Under section 111 of the Clean Air Act (CAA), the EPA is charged with establishing performance standards for new stationary sources.  Under each NSPS, certain reports must be submitted and maintained to ensure that each affected source is in compliance with the standards. All of these reporting and record keeping requirements authorized by section 114 of the CAA.

The New Action
The EPA expanded its electronic reporting requirements required under the NSPS in part 60 of chapter 40..........

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