Delivering Best Value Solutions to Our Customers 

For years, Perillon has been helping global corporations improve performance, reduce risk, and ensure compliance.  We proudly serve a wide range of industrial and non-industrial industries.  Our customers include utilities, pipelines, refineries, automotive manufacturers, construction firms, food processing companies, and cement companies.  


Reliable Service.  At Perillon, we believe choosing a software vendor marks the beginning of a long-term, meaningful relationship.  Our experienced team provides reliable service and thoughtful collaboration to deliver the best solution for your enterprise.  We are dedicated to simplifying your EHS responsibilities and increasing your management efficiency.

True Value.  Perillon solutions are quick to implement, flexible to configure, and intuitive to use.  Our powerful dashboards provide organizational transparency and our mobile apps help connect hundreds of employees-- even those who previously have never logged on to a software system-- across your enterprise.  

Savings.  We can support your business justification process.  We have extensive cost analysis experience, working with many different types of customers, and we can share our cost models to help you visualize the savings potential in your environment.  With Perillon, you can expect an ROI of 3-5X your investment and a payback within 12 months.

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